Friday, October 26, 2012

October in the Vege Patch

Probably the best decision I've made, in relation to growing veges and herbs, is to have the herbs, and some of the leafy greens, growing near our back door. That way when I'm preparing a meal, they are quick and easy to harvest. It means that we eat more of these things, because sometimes I can't be bothered going out to the garden, but it is little effort at all to walk  to the back door. 

This wine barrel contains celery, thyme, flowers and spinach. 

This wine barrel contains parsley, rocket, spinach and spring onions.

I have also put some herbs in pots near the back door.




Tuscan Kale


Garlic Chives

Perennial Basil

Some vege seedlings...

Spring onions and leafy greens


Kale, that really needs to be planted in to the garden

Rainbow Chard

Out in the garden things are in the early stages....

One of my husband's row of potatoes. His ancestors are from Ireland, he loves his potatoes.

 It is a bit hard to see properly, but here we have tomatoes, lettuce, celery and calendula in their infancy.

More celery and calendula.

I was really excited yesterday morning to see an artichoke on each bush.


 Our first tomato for the season.

One of the tomato plants.


One of my dreams is to have a year round supply of vegetables growing. In years past we have done a massive plant up in spring and then during summer we get sick of all the watering and weeding. This spring my motto is 'smaller is better'. I'm hoping it will do the trick and we won't be sick of it all come autumn. 

I hope you enjoyed the tour. Do you have anything growing at the moment?

xxoo Julie


  1. One of my major gardening tips is to plant small amounts often. We only need four or five loose leaf lettuces going at once, specially if there are other salad greens. If I plant a whole bed, I waste most of them, and I have no room to plant the next round so when they finish there's none, and I run out of water. These days I plant half a dozen at a time, and if I can discipline myself, just one cucumber, one zucchini, one squash.

    1. Wow Linda, I am so honored you have visited my blog. I have read many articles of yours and I have your book "The Permaculture Home Garden". Thank you so much for visiting. xxoo

    2. Thanks also for your advice. xxoo

  2. Amazing veggie garden Julie! Just received parsley and basil for our new place - will be placing them close the door now you have mentioned it! xx

    1. Thank you Elisa. Parsley and basil, two of my favorites. Enjoy. xxoo

  3. Oh, I am longing for our veggie garden. Ours has been put to bed for the winter. I too keep a nice container of herbs by the kitchen door in the summer, makes for easy access. Enjoy!

    1. Kim, can you grow herbs inside in winter? xxoo

  4. Oh your garden looks so lush and delicious. This year we are going to do container gardening because our sunlight is best in an area if the front yard. Yummy